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Posted by Jacob Carlile on 30/08/2017

Toowoomba - The Place to Be

Toowoomba - The Place to Be

I'm a Toowoomba boy born and bred and I think that there's no better place to grow up and develop who you are as a person both personally and professionally. With a population of more than 164,000 people Toowoomba is a big enough place to grow your business into something great but still small enough be able to run into someone you know down the main street.

Toowoomba and its surrounding suburbs are home to almost 15,000 local businesses which is one of my favourite things about the Garden City. A healthy business community and thriving economy are things which I believe will continue to grow within the region. Whilst on the subject of growth there is projected to be more than $13 Billion spent on major infrastructure projects over the next 12-18 months. We have already seen the exponential nature of Toowoomba's growth curve following the construction of the Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport and also the first two stages of the QIC Grand Central Redevelopment and more is to come with the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing to be completed in coming years and the Inland Rail hub in Charlton getting underway.

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport - JC

But what's different about Toowoomba? Well...I believe the potential energy held within the Toowoomba boundaries is simply ecstatic and is ready to be grabbed with both hands! There's a lot of love for Toowoomba and this can be seen wherever you go, the local businesses and the people running them in the Garden City just have this unsaid positive vibe and happiness about them. Whether you're at a restaurant, a retailer, a real estate agency, an office, a school or a park the people here just don't come any better.

The Toowoomba community is another major driver of why I love Toowoomba. It's often said in the 4350 postcode that it's not necessarily what you know here, it's who you know and I have seen this time and time again, however there's always room for more at the top in Toowoomba and although everyone has their existing, established networks it's never too late to make a break and get noticed in this town. I think that the Toowoomba business community like to see other people succeed and aren't afraid to put themselves out there and have a go and will even support them on the way through which really shows the community spirit we have.

I'm a Toowoomba advocate there's no doubt about it, and why not? I live in one of the most exciting cities in Australia and possibly the world. Even though we don't have a sea of skyscrapers, and our public transport isn't quite there yet, we have some of the best people, places and businesses right here and even though we're classed as a regional city we have opportunities to access the entire world right from the Garden City. So when people ask me why I didn't go to Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne after school the reason is simple and just rolls off the tip of my tongue. 


~ Jacob Carlile

Be sure to let me know in the comments why you love Toowoomba and what you see as our next major growth driver. I'd love to hear from you!

For more jump onto www.jacobcarlile.com

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