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Location: 565 Hume St, Kearneys Spring, Queensland 4350 Australia


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More about Lifemere

Lifemere Pty Ltd is a new innovative company that works in the area of nutrition, feeding difficulties and dysphagia.

Lifemere debuts in 2017 with the RoseCup device range and the NutriTaste food range. The RoseCup devices and attachments fill a large space in the devices market for people with feeding difficulties. This includes the frail aged but also patients with neurological and muscular disorders, cerebral palsy, head and spinal injuries, stroke, postoperative recovery, etc

The basic RoseCup design gravity feeds thickened fluids through a wide exit channel enabling efficient feeding without neck extension. A complete range of attachments and valves provide combination options for different clinical scenarios i.e. when feeding at the table, in the chair, in bed and at various reclined angles as dictated by the underlying problem and taking in consideration patient preference.

The target with the development of the attachments and valves was to achieve efficient and safe feeding by introducing simple measures of flow and volume control.

The NutriTaste range offers three levels of thickened fluids laboratory titrated to provide optimal efficiency and safety with the RoseCup devices. NutriTaste is not only a tasty meal replacement but is also ideal for rehydration and nutritional supplementation (rich in energy, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals).

The founder of Lifemere Dr Gawie Roux and his team are committed to help setting a new standard in feeding and nutrition of patients with dysphagia and feeding challenges. The Research and Development activities of the company will remain a high priority and professionals working in this field are welcome to contact Lifemere with feedback, expressions of need as well as suggestions.

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