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Phone Number: 07 4667 1799

Location: 158 McEvoy St, Warwick, Queensland 4350 Australia

Website: raiz-a-bac.com.au

More about Raiz-A-Bac

Raiz-a-bac product has been developed and is manufactured by Auspring Industries P/L.
Were an Innovative family business located in the city of Warwick in South east Queensland, Specializing at coil spring design, manufacture and end-use applications.
We have the unique capability to design, make and test all Raiz-a-bac coil springs.

This is how we can achieve the 4 pillars of the success of our products:

  1. Top-quality
  2. Improved stability and load-carrying ability
  3. Driver and passenger ride comfort
  4. None or very minimal loss of articulation.

Our capabilities and experience also allow us to affordably custom design and make springs to specialized needs for our clients. No matter how small the run!
Our complete control of the products design, manufacture and testing is how we can give you a limited lifetime warranty on all our Raiz-a-bac products.
Aspiring Industries delivers dynamic spring solutions by integrity diligence and devotion to quality.

A unique combination of:

  • An Australian family business
  • Product designed and made in Australia
  • Committal to products that succeed

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